42″ lcd tv, sound, but no picture help please?


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lg lcd tv power cord question by fosterslady: 42" lcd tv, sound, but no picture help please?
its an lg 42lb1db. on power up there is sound from tv, but no picture. sometimes it seems like theres a picture there, you can see movement but its too dark to make anything out. tried pressing the menu button to access colour/contrast /brightness controls etc, but can only see the menu box as very dark shadow. im a complete novice with technical info, so please answer in easy-speak, lol.
thankyou. also i dont have any computers or other equipment hooked up to it , just antenna and power cord are plugged in the back.

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Answer by Spiidi Starman
Lo Fostersl

from the sound of it I think that the inverter board is faulty !!
you may be able to pick one up from ebay and it's a simple job to
swap in the replacement but taking the tv to bits to get to where it's at
is a right royal pain in the backside !!
most competent tv repair tech's will have no problem

good luck


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lg lcd tv power cord
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