How to I connect My computer to my LG LED TV?


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lg led tv question by : How to I connect My computer to my LG LED TV?
I want to play games on my TV
Please help me.

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Answer by The nice guy who wont finish last
though an hdmi port

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December 18, 2011

Sanchayan Ghosh @ 6:34 am #

You can do it through an HDMI cable. If you don’t have it, then through the monitor cable (RGB), assuming you have a desktop. Take out the plug connected to the monitor and plug it in the TV. It is the same color as the plug (usually blue). Turn on the TV and press Input or similar button and press OK for RGB (For HDMI cable, press OK for HDMI in Input Menu). If you have a laptop and HDMI cable, follow the same, or buy an RGB cable, or the cable that connects desktop monitor to CPU.

Serena Lucky @ 7:08 am #

There is no need to connect computer with TV.Just buy Google TV device.Keep check that HDMI port should be attached with TV.Google TV device not only helps you to play games including sensor based games but also you can enjoy internet browsing on your TV as well as you can also enjoy movies,chatting,send & receive mails,Facebook,videos,music etc.on TV.Its a big advantage.I m sending a link below,check it.

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