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lg lcd tv stand question by rich c: screw size needed for LCD stand assembly?
I bought LG55lh40 55in lcd tv a year ago and i need to put back on the stand, I had mounted for a while and recently moved and lost the screws that were provided. Can anybody help me with the screw size, Ive looked through the manual and it doesnt give you a size and LG customer support is always busy!!

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Answer by Daniel K
I doubt anyone here will know the exact screw size unless they own that TV, remove the screws and are good with metric screw sizes.

A far easier way would be to go to your local hardware store and get a few metric screws that look about right and try them on your stand. When you figure out the thread size, just go back to the store and get more screws. You can usually figure out the screw length needed by sticking a paper clip (straightened out) in the hole until it bottoms out - the length needed will be a bit shorter than that.

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lg lcd tv stand
The obvious choice there would be one of those 100+ inch record breaking LCD TVs LG and Panasonic unveil at CES every year, but that would be forgetting about the time when televisions were truly gigantic. Sony had a 40-inch CRT, the WEGA KV-40XBR800 ...
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